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attractions in Bumthang

Bumthang, is one of the most spectacular valleys in the country in central Bhutan. Has the most historic and religious sites. Bumthang (Choekhor) Valley, area is a popular tourist destination, and consequently, the town is served by several good-quality hotels and craft shops.

Mebartsho (Burning Lake)

The nearest Holy attraction is the “Burning Lake” about 5 minutes drive from Hotel Jakar View. The great Saint Terton Pema Lingpa (treasure revealer in 1475) had a vision of the sacred treasures that Guru Rimpoche had hidden within the lake. Pema Lingpa held a burning butter lamp in his hand and jumped into the lake. He re-emerged holding a statue, a scroll of paper and ritual skull with the butter lamp still burning.

Kenchogsum Lhakhang

One of the most beautiful monasteries was built in the 9th century by the King Thrisong Duetsen of Tibet following the instructions of Padmasambhava. For many centuries the temple was maintained by the local community of three villages. However, in 1996, the community unanimously offered the temple to H.E. Sungtruel Rinpoche and started a Buddhist school in the temple helping to educate children of poor villages.

Kurje Monastery

It is 20 minutes drive from our Hotel Jakar View. This monastery comprises three temples. The right was built in 1652 on the rock face and the second temple was built on the other side of a cave containing a rock with the imprint of Guru Padmasambhava’s body. These three tramples are surrounded by a wall with 108 stupa.

Tamshing Monastery

Located 6.2 km our Hotel Jakar View. The Monastery was built in 1501 by Terton Pema Lingpa, who still is remembered as one of the popular Bhutanese saints whose coming was prophesied by Guru Rinpoche centuries earlier. He was a skilled tantric master and an artist. He sculpted the main statues and painted the frescoes, which can be seen even today.

Kurje Drub Chu (Holy Water)

A short walk from Kurje monastery leads to a holy spring from the bottom roots of a pine tree. This water has eight healing properties, and Guru used it to cure King Sindhu Raja. People not only collect the water for later use but wash their heads or other body spots while here.

Jampa Monastery

It is a 12-minute drive from our Hotel Jakar View. It is one of 108 monasteries he built to subdue evil spirits in the Himalayan region. “In a lifetime never miss to witness the most popular naked dances held every mid-night surrounded by crowd.” Photography is strictly not allowed during the naked dance.